Getting paid for taking surveys online it’s something that I always have heard but, always thought that they were scams or that you can’t make too much money with it.

That is true to some extend..

  1. There are scammy sites that can rip you off.
  2. You can’t make a full time income with this (unless you really like doing this and you sign up for all the sites possible).

But don’t worry I made my research about this..

I’m going to list below the most trustworthy online paid survey sites that a lot of people are using, right now, to make extra money.

Typically you will get $50-$300+/week bucks from doings this. It may vary, depending, obviously, on how many you do.

The good part of this, is that you can be doing this while you are watching TV or doing other stuff.

I recommend to you to sign up to all of them, that way, you will have more surveys to do.

-These survey sites usually give you three or two a week-

Alright let me show you which ones you can sign up in this moment:

Survey Voices is an online survey middlemen of paid survey companies. Its parent company is Reward Zone USA, LLC, and Matthew Conlin is the President. SurveyVoices was registered in January 18, 2016 by a Mohit Singla in New York.

Depending on the service company you choose, your pay could range from $5 to $75 per survey per day.

The most exclusive offers and highest paid market research opportunities.

Sign up to Survey Voices here.

Great site.

It’s free to sign up and you’ll get a $5 bonus when you sign up.

It provides direct cash rewards to millions of members in the U.S. and U.K. for everyday online activities, such as reading emails, taking surveys, playing games and signing up for offers.

They work with brands like Netflix, Walmart, Groupon, Good Morning America, U.S News, Yahoo, etc.

Sign up for Inbox Dollars here.

Toluna Survey offers for your time spent giving your opinion. You receive rewards in the form of points which can be redeemed for all kinds of cool stuff, from sweepstakes tickets for great new gadgets or getaways, gift cards for a large selection of stores including Coles and Woolworths, or even cold hard cash!

Sign up to Toluna Surveys here.

4. Opinion Bureau ($5.00 Joining Bonus)

Opinion Bureau community has been developed by Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd. (IRB) to enable consumers to show the power of their voice and opinion and directly influence the market research and markets. We offer you online surveys and polls on the products and services you use in your day-to-day life and the opportunity to share your opinion & feedback and get paid for your successful participation.


Sign up to Opinion Bureau here.

One of my favorites, Survey Junkie.

The surveys are relatively quick to complete and reward you with points. Once you earn 1,000 points — or $10 — you can cash. Some surveys offers up to 300 points.

My dashboard was always full of surveys to take. You can also have cash deposited to your Paypal account. or Amazon gift cards.

Sign up here to Survey Junkie and start making money 🙂

survey junkie



Hope this post was really helpful for you 🙂

Another thing I really recommend you, if I were you, I’ll save money doing all of these paid survey sites and, then, I’ll invest them into an online business that can make profits in autopilot, a passive income. People are making much more than a full time income with this business model.