Lindgren’s Lazy Method Or The Lazy Method 



Jonas Lindgren, also known as the “Swedish Face”,  is the creator of the program. He has been using this method for about two years making him able to replace his full time income.

Pretty much everybody’s goal.

Breakdown Of the Course

  1. Introduction:  The explaining of the business model and everything you need to know before you start doing it. As well as all the money he has been earning for the past two years.
  2. Youtube Channel Setup: In this module he talks about all the adjustments and tweaks you have to do in your YouTube channel and some basic stuff. Nothing complicated.
  3. Finding Products To Promote:  In this module he goes into what affiliate networks and sites you can search for upcoming launches or products that already had been launched. (,,, etc.)
  4. How to Record Your Screen: It is a quick video talking about Screen-O-Matic, a tool to record your screen and your face.
  5. How to Get a Review Copy: In this module he goes into all the ways you can get the review copy from the vendors and how to increase your chance to get them.
  6. How to Structure Your Reviews: Pretty much everything you have to say in your review, so they look good and people like to see them.
  7. Youtube Description and Thumbnails: He shows you how to use CANVA, a free internet tool that you can use to make your channel art and thumbnails, as well as what content you should right on your description.
  8. Effortlessly List-building Through Videos: He goes into how can you use your videos and your channel to build your list, how to create your opt in page without a website, how to get people to opt in to your list, as well as how to scale your business with it. (You can make a lot of money with list-building)
  9. Other Ways To Earn From Videos: He talks about what other options you have if you don’t want to always do launches. Like for example getting into promoting Pay Per Call offers, adsense, other CPA offers from other affiliate networks.
  10. How To Find Your Bonuses To Give Away: Where to find them and what type of bonuses you have to get. As well as how to set up your bonuses so the people who buy through your link can get them.
  11. How to Rank Your Videos Fast: His technique and resources he uses to rank his videos on top of google having success almost every time. How he get easy backlinks that get him ranked immediately.
  12. How To Stay At The Top Of Google (Most Important Video Of All): He shows you all the ways to adapt to the changes of google that may cause your videos to not get ranked. Very important.
  13. Highly Recommended Resources: All the resources or tools he recommends to get so it is very easy to setup everything.

Frontend Price And Upsells He Offers

Front end ($15.45): The Main Course.

OTO 1 ($4.95 14-day trial and rebilling at 37/mo) contains –  DFY email campaigns that convert for a super affiliate.

OTO 2 ($47) contains – DFY money page that’s designed for optimal conversions.

OTO 3 ($97) contains – License rights to Lindgren’s Lazy Method.

OTO 4 ($2,000) – is my personal 1-on-1 coaching with them.

DS 4 ($197) – is his digital coaching. Access to coaching membership site where you can go through all the information he normally teaches in his 1-on-1 coaching but you don’t have access to him.

Time for Testimonials!

Recommended Or Scam?

Recommended. He’s actually offering something that consistently works in a very cheap price.

We have been seeing that Jonas is a very ethical guy that never offers something just because he wants to make money, he likes to help the community of new marketers as we all were once.

So it is a good product that you should try it specially if you are in a beginner or intermediate level because it is very good and FASTEST way in the free methods to make money online. Top affiliates know that YouTube is a great tool and they all use it a lot to build their business.

Lindgren's Lazy Method
  • You don’t need any special “tech” skills
  • You don’t need a list, a website, or a product to get started
  • You don’t have to spend a dime on traffic
  • It only takes about 30 minutes to get a campaign setup
  • You can make money within a few hours of getting started
  • The money from a campaign keeps rolling in with NO additional work
  • And if you want to make more money, just create a new campaign… it only takes a few minutes…