Lurn Summit: Titans In The Digital Business Space, Finances And Mindset In One Place

In this post, you are going to see a recap of the 2-days of training, the content inside and best tips, tools & resources.


Lurn Summit was a two-day online seminar that took place on August 26th-27th, 2017, hosted by Anik Singal and guest industry titans in the digital business space, finances and mindset:


Robert T. Kiyosaki (“Rich Dad Poor Dad”), Bob Proctor (“The Law of Attraction” guy), and CEO’s of top online companies.


They shared their expertise on how to quickly and effectively launch a profitable online business, and how to build a strong mindset for our goal of financial freedom.






We want to be ‘the’ Entrepreneurial HUB for people all over the world – not just those can afford high ticket courses. This isn’t just a talking point, it’s in our company DNA.


The #LurnSummit is only $1 because it removes all excuses.


We want you to be able to get powerful training and guidance even if you can’t afford expensive courses. Our job is to create as many Entrepreneurs as possible – well, first, to do that, we need to get you in the DOOR!





The Lurn Summit delivered to its promise of “16 Hours of Training from Industry Titans to Have Your Business Up & Running Fast”.

Day 1 was about the huge, growing opportunity for building a business online, and how to set up a system around what Lurn recommends as the #1 digital business model: Email Marketing.


Keynote: Bob Proctor



Proctor told us his story of how he first shifted his mindset subconsciously, had big success in his life and then he researched his own process to land a framework for others to follow.

Bob Proctor’s teachings have a direct link with Andrew Carnegie’s principles for wealth, which were compiled in the world-famous book “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. Proctor brings these teachings to our times with his book “You were born rich”.

Talk 1: Online business models:


There are several ways to make money online. You can implement these business models in their purest form or you can combine them. Each online business model has its pros and cons. Each one requires different skills and tools.

  1. Digital Publishing: you package useful information and sell it as information product. We are in the Information Age. People want, search and buy information on whatever subject you can think of. If you structure useful information that delivers answers and value for people’s needs, you have a product. Information products can be anything from eBooks to video-courses. There are marketplaces to sell your products.
    Resources: – the #1 marketplace for digital products.
  2. Ecommerce: you sell physical products in your own online store. You can buy your inventory cheap in markets like China and then sell in your premium store.
    Resources: – a leading platform to set up your own eCommerce store.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: you promote other’s products and you earn commissions for the sales you create. The key here is to have an audience to promote to (social following, site visitors, email list). A great model to start since you don’t have high up-front costs nor any product management responsibility.
  4. Blog: you have a website with good content that attracts visitors. Content has many forms and can be produced by you or someone else. Consistency is important: 1 post per week minimum. Traffic in this model would be mostly organic, from Search Engines, so you need to work on your SEO. A blog is an authoritative presence on the web, where you build a name and a brand. From there, you can virtually set up and combine all kind of online business: ads on your site, selling your own digital products, selling other’s products as an affiliate, selling physical products. There are simple blogs that do one thing and there are others that do all of this.
    Resources:, to have your content written by freelancers.

Talk 2: Email Marketing, the #1 online business model

Email Marketing is the online business model that Lurn recommends. Anik has had enormous success with it. All Lurn’s training programs are based in Email Marketing.

If you build a targeted email list of potential buyers in some niche, and you know how to promote products to them, you have a business… a very profitable one.

Promoting products directly to people’s inbox is very powerful, since you have absolute control on this list – you don’t compete for traffic here, they’re yours. Also, you don’t need to setup complex web sites. A lean, well-designed funnel can do the trick of capturing emails for you. Once you have a list of subscribers in your autoresponder of choice, you’re ready to make money with Email Marketing. Your Email business can look like this:

  • 1-page website with opt-in form and some awesome gift.
  • A thank you page promoting an affiliate offer.
  • An autoresponder for your email promotions.

Talk 3: Building your Email Marketing business in a few clicks

There are several tools to create these funnels with stunning sales page, opt-in pages, thank you pages. You might have heard of ClickFunnels and LeadPages. However, Anik here created the funnel with Lurn’s in-house tool: LaunchPad… in 15 mins. I must say that I was impressed with this platform, because it completely automates every aspect of Lurn’s recommended business model. It does it gracefully and quick.

Some nice features of Launchpad:

  • It’s all visual with drag & drop and clicks.
  • It includes authentic, ready-to-use content for dozens of niches.
  • It shows you top offers in your selected niche with metrics, pulled directly from Clickbank, so you can choose good products to promote under one roof.
  • It lets you create your awesome gifts by selecting pre-made content, free images and a cool cover design.
  • It’s integrated with SendLane autoresponder to manage your subscribers and sending emails.
  • It includes hosting to put your funnel online right there.
  • Analytics to track all down.


Talk 4: Email Marketing tactics and tools

In this talk, Sendlane CEO shared a lot of insight into what good email marketing is, and how SendLane has a lot of smart features for high engagement and conversions. This is an autoresponder created by marketers for marketers.

I loved all the tricks and techniques to optimize our email opening rates and conversion rates. For example: sending emails at different hours to each subscriber, according to the time that subscribers generally open their inbox. It’s amazing the level of “little things” involved in all of this.

Plans at SendLane starts as low as $9/month.


Keynote: Robert T. Kiyosaki


Kiyosaki, serial entrepreneur, investor, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “The Cashflow Quadrant” and many more other financial books, shared his story of entrepreneurship and constant education. Some key ideas in his talk were about the importance of being trustable in business, to get educated and never stop learning, to be aware of the era we’re living – the Information Age – and leverage all the new approaches to do business.

He also recommended two of his new books: “More Important Than Money: an Entrepreneur’s Team“, and “Why the Rich Are Getting Richer“.

Talk 5: Copywriting

Copywriting is arguably the #1 skill for anyone in online business. The “art” of selling with words happens to be a science with a well-established formula based in psychology. It’s all about influencing the reader to do the action you want him to do (subscribe, follow, buy, share, download, etc).

He also walked us through the new paradigm of marketing: interactive marketing. Cold marketing is dying, interactive marketing is here to stay and if you’re going to sell online, you need to understand how to build a relationship of trust with your prospects, how to provide educational content for them, how to use new technologies that leverage long-term communication and engagement.

Talk 6: Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic

Awesome offers and the best sales copy are nothing without traffic. Your funnel needs lots of visitors, from which a some percent become subscribers and then customers.

Free traffic

  • Free traffic is hard to gain. It takes time to build.
  • Content is key here: put good content in front of as many people as you can.
  • Methods: Guest Blogging, Youtube videos, Article Directories, Social Media.

Paid traffic

  • It costs money. Quick results in the short-term.
  • Methods: Email Media (tool:, FB Ads (highly targeted, viral potential), Youtube Ads (big user base, not highly targeted), Google Ads (can be expensive, not a user-friendly platform, no viral potential),  Bing Ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn Ads(good for B2B, good for high-ticket offers).


  • Focus on one traffic channel to start.
  • Use your strengths: if you can write, create written content; if you’re better with video, use Youtube.
  • Combine paid and free methods for short and long-term traffic. You can build traction attracting followers/visitors with good content while at the same time you buy traffic to grow your email list quickly.

Talk 7: Clickbank and the digital publishing industry

Interesting talk. We had insights from the #1 digital product marketplace, Clickbank. They covered top niches, top traffic methods, trends, projections.

Here is the juice of this section, in my quick-note format:

  • Clickbank now supports physical products too. This was news even for Anik.
  • Clickbank has a catalog of thousands of products in dozens of niches (check out the Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace).
  • Winner niches with most volume of sales: Health & Fitness, Self-Help, E-Business & E-Marketing, Green & Organic Products.
  • Growing niches (have an eye on these for your next campaigns): Green products, Spirituality/New Age, Languages.
  • There are many people making a lot of money on Clickbank, both as publishers and affiliates. One thing to notice here: “these people are putting effort in building a business, understanding the market and promoting effectively”. This means that you need to do your homework and get serious in educating yourself and building something effective.
  • Best traffic sources to Clickbank offers: Email List, Social Media, Youtube (most affiliates have a following over time, little bits of ads).
  • The Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace is a great place to research and choose wining products: ranked product directory, trends, metrics (the gravity Score is Clickbank’s secret sauce (high = good)).
  • Types of sales page with best conversion: Video Sales Pages (VSLs) – but it really depends on the audience and type of product. This is not something absolute.
  • Trend: strong tendency to products with continuity (membership).

Where is the digital publishing industry heading to?

  • Affiliate marketing will keep growing: big companies are investing in affiliate systems to increase their sales online.
  • Strong shift to content marketing: natural sales based in good, informative content. Less salesy, more informative. Buyers love to buy, but not being sold.

Talk 8: Traffic via Email media (Clickonomy)

Social Media. YouTube. SEO. Article Linking. Blog Writing. Yes, all of these DO the work… but they take considerable time and effort to get a decent amount of traffic.

Email Media can be a fast lane to pull off nice traffic in no time.

Email Media is about buying and selling email ads. The same way you can buy space in a newspaper to get to lots of subscribers with your ad, you can buy space in emails to do the same.

How it works? Go to an Email Media marketplace, choose a seller, check out their reviews, and buy a package of clicks. The seller (which is a marketer with large email lists) then includes your ad in his emails. This way you’re getting in front of a high-targeted audience.


Talk 9: Traffic via FB Ads

  • FB is a highly targeted traffic source. You can get good amount of traffic with low budget.
  • The key to optimize your FB campaigns is to select the proper audience for your ads.
  • Facebook Audience Insights lets you select highly relevant groups of people: by country, language, age, interests.
  • An effective approach to narrow down your audience is to target followers of top pages in your target niche. Example: if you’re advertising some product for getting traffic online, you might want to target people who follows Neil Patel or other SEO authority on Facebook.
  • You can reverse-engineer other’s ads by using the “What I’m seeing this?” option on Facebook. On your personal Facebook page, click that option on any ad you see and you’ll get a nice insight into how you got to be part of that audience.
  • “One reason you’re seeing this ad is that Anik Singal wants to reach people who have visited their website or used one of their apps. This is based on customer information provided by Anik Singal. There may be other reasons you’re seeing this ad, including that Anik Singal wants to reach people ages 23 and older who live in Canada. This is information based on your Facebook profile and where you’ve connected to the internet.”
  • Lurn’s paid program to master Facebook advertising: Facebook Academy.

Lurn’s students testimonials

At the end of the Summit, we had some Lurn’s students telling their story, live.  I liked this part because we could see common people who took the decision to start an online business and they are having success right now. Lurn’s training provided not only the tools to be digital business owners, but also the tools to be more confident persons and action takers.

It’s beautiful to see people from all continents united by the same desire of freedom, following the same path inside one global community.

If you didn’t show up LIVE, you can still access the Summit replays…



  • “You were born rich” by Bob Proctor (book) (FREE)
  • “More Important Than Money: an Entrepreneur’s Team” by Robert Kiyosaki (book)
  • “Why the Rich Are Getting Richer” by Robert Kiyosaki (book)
  • “The Email Lifeline” by Anik Singal (book) ($18): Recommended book to make every email and campaign a success.

Platforms & tools:

  • – the #1 marketplace for digital products (FREE). Become a Clickbank affiliate and you can receive commissions for driving sales to thousands of products.
  • ($29/month – 14 day trial period). Leading platform to create your own eCommerce store.
  • ($9/month – trial period): powerful email autoresponder to manage your email list.
  • Platform to buy traffic from email media.
  •, to have your content written by freelancers.